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Egyptian Shooting Federation

The Egyptian Shooting Federation (EFS) is a national organization responsible for the development and promotion of shooting sports in Egypt. Our mission is to promote and develop the sport of shooting in Egypt, and to provide opportunities for Egyptian shooters to participate in international competitions and events.

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Promote and develop the sport of shooting in Egypt

60 +

Registered Clubs

5000 +

Registered Shooter

250 +

International Championship Held


Empowering Shooters, Building Champions


The Egyptian Shooting Federation aims to promote and develop the sport of shooting in Egypt, striving to improve the skills and performance of Egyptian shooters, and increase their participation in international competitions. The Federation also seeks to foster a culture of sportsmanship, fair play, and ethical conduct among its members, and to promote the values of hard work, discipline, and teamwork.


The Egyptian Shooting Federation envisions a future where Egypt is recognized as a leading nation in the world of shooting sports, with a strong and competitive team that excels in international competitions. The Federation aims to provide opportunities for all Egyptians, regardless of age or background, to participate in shooting sports and develop their skills to the highest level. The Federation also seeks to promote the sport as a means of social development, encouraging young people to engage in physical activity, build confidence, and develop essential life skills.


- To develop and implement programs for the training and development of Egyptian shooters.
- To organize national championships and competitions to identify and select the best shooters for international competitions.
- To participate in international shooting competitions and tournaments.
- To promote shooting sports among the youth and encourage them to participate in the sport.
- To establish partnerships with national and international organizations to exchange knowledge, expertise, and resources.
- To ensure the financial sustainability of the Federation through sponsorship, donations, and revenue generation.
- These objectives are meant to guide the Federation's efforts in promoting the development of shooting sports in Egypt and achieving its mission and vision.